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The SHINE Programme

 Our online training programme for Room Leaders.

Finding the perfect, experienced Room Leader can be stressful! What if they don’t fit in with the existing team, what if they aren’t able to supervise their colleagues effectively, what if they don’t solve problems, but cause new problems instead!

When we recruit new people, or when we promote people we already know into new roles, we need to be able to make sure that they will be competent to perform the role effectively.

You can’t wait for them to become fully competent as whilst they are ‘incompetent’ lots of problems can occur.

Sadly getting access to quality training courses at affordable prices seems to be increasingly difficult.

If you do find the course it will often be in the evening or at weekends and you will be faced with resistance from tired staff who are reluctant to be trained after a long day at work, or during their personal time.

What’s more if they do attend the course, you have the additional costs of time off in lieu, mileage expenses or travel costs.

If they pay attention during the training course only a small percentage of what they learn will be retained but as each week goes by they will forget more and more of the course material.

You will have spent several hundreds of £’s and won’t have necessarily seen a return on investment.

And if you have several Rooms you’ll want to be fair and send every Room Leader. Not at once, but over the course of a few months. The training provider may even limit you as to how many can attend from your Day Nursery at any one time. You’ll be juggling rotas and fixing lifts just to make sure that everyone gets a ‘go’.  If new people join you’ll want to do it all again, but the course may no longer be running and you’ll need to look elsewhere for something similar.


Well we’ve come up with a solution to all this; it’s called The Shine Programme and it’s an online training programme for Room Leaders teaching them what they need to know to effectively supervise their team.

With it being an online training programme; you won’t have to worry about…

  • Nasty training courses, in dark venues at night, after your staff have worked all day for you; as the training can be completed at work when you have a free period, or at home via a laptop or tablet.
  • Negative comments on their return about cold rooms, and poor quality trainers as you can see what they are learning by watching it with them and discussing what is covered together.
  • Losing the handouts and not being able to find what you need as the course materials can be printed and reprinted from the site.
  • How other staff will get access to the same material; as when you buy it once you can use it over and over with all of your team, now and in the future.
  • Staff returning from training demotivated by what they have heard from other delegates; as your Room Leaders will be learning without strangers present.

We’ve developed this programme for the Room Leader who is:

  • Struggling to have difficult conversations with the team about their behaviour, performance, adherence to the policies etc.
  • Working with people who appear to be reticent of their position.
  • Keen to be able to tackle issues when they are small rather than wait.
  • Lucky enough to have great colleagues who they can ‘bring on’ with their direction.
  • Prepared to enhance their communication skills.
  • Keen to get involved in interviewing with you for new staff for their room.
  • Capable of ‘leading by example’ and wants some support to do this effectively.

To enable as many Room Leaders as possible to access this training programme we have invested in new technology to enable us to launch our first online course.

Once purchased, and logged in for the first time the Room Leader will be able to go back into the course whenever they want, wherever they have an internet connection.

There are 4 modules in The SHINE Programme:

  • Communication
  • Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Continuous Improvement

Each module features a number of lessons, they vary from module to module and there are 24 lessons in total.

Here’s the lesson list, in alphabetical order:

  • Asking Effective Questions
  • Being a Filter and Passing on Information
  • Being Firm but Fair
  • Being Part of a panel interview for a Nursery Manager
  • Cascading Training to Colleagues
  • Dealing with a colleague having a ‘tantrum’
  • Dealing with lateness
  • Dealing with resentment from colleagues
  • Dealing with someone having inappropriate conversations at work


Your Room Leader could be accessing the material on their tablet, PC or mobile from the comfort of their home as well as at work.  How flexible is that!

  • Dealing with someone who is not performing their role
  • Dealing with someone who is not playing effective with the children
  • Dealing with someone who is waiting for others to act
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Informal and Semi Formal Conversations
  • Introducing Apprentices to the team
  • Leading by example
  • Motivational Words
  • Not playing effectively with the children
  • Preparing to interview for Nursery Nurses
  • Running a Team Brief
  • Sharing Best Practice
  • The Note
  • Using Children in the selection process
  • Using the internet for research


They can pause, rewind or even fast forward any video and play it as much as they like.

The handouts can be printed out to accompany the material. They can scribble on these, they are theirs and won’t be handed in!

If they have any questions whilst following the programme, we are just an email away.

We know we could charge a significant amount for this programme, after all so many lessons would take days to cover in the training room.

Here’s what one purchaser said about our programme:

I highly recommend the Room Leader training. My deputy did the course and the results were immediate!!! Her confidence rocketed and I now have a really happy workforce. Thank you.” Raju Surelia, Little Learners.

Yet our SHINE Programme is just £147 inclusive of VAT.

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