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Refer a Friend – Sharing is Caring


With effect from 1st February 2021 we are launching our Refer a Friend scheme.

Here’s how it works…

Basically if one of our valued retained clients recommends us to a friend and they become a retained customer, we reward you both.

How does the reward work?

When you recommend us to your friend and complete our online form to tell us about the recommendation we will get in touch with your friend about our services. If they go on to take a retainer during the lifetime of the scheme, we will give them 13 months’ support for the price of 12 months’ and you will have an additional 1 months’ support added to the end of your contract, completely free of charge.

Are there any limits?

We are afraid so. As some of you are so incredibly well connected and know huge numbers of people, we have limited the reward to an additional 3 months free support in any contract.

Therefore if you were amazingly able to recommend us to 3 friends who go on to become customers, we will be giving you 15 months support for the price of your current 12 months’ contract. We will be adding 3 months on at the end of your contract before it expires. 

Refer a Friend

Recommended us to your friend, complete the online form below to tell us about the recommendation.