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Liz Cuplan

Liz is our Associate HR Consultant. She brings many years experience in HR management to our team.


Favourite Book:  Sugarlump and the Unicorn

Favourite TV Show: Ninja Warrior UK (when they end up in the water is the best bit!)

Favourite Dinner: Roast Beef Sunday Dinner with all the trimmings.

If wasn’t working here I’d be: A racing car driver.



This is Reggie, Amy’s chocolate laborador and our Mental Health Wellbeing Champion.

Reggie is 5 years old and loves sleeping.


Favourite Book:  A Dog’s Guide to Humans.

Favourite TV Show: Anything on TV that helps sleep.

Favourite Dinner: Imogen’s Yoghurt Pots

If wasn’t working here I’d be: A Professional Cat Chaser

Suzanne Harffey

Sue joined us in April 2019 as our Operations Manager. This is the third time Sue has worked with Imogen. She keeps coming back no matter what Company, sector, Imogen is working in!

Sue is likely to be the first person you speak to when you ring our number.

Never ask Sue for advice on a HR matter. She will almost always tell you to sack’em!

Favourite Book:  The Hobbit

Favourite TV Show: Strike Back

Favourite Dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara

If wasn’t working here I’d be: A Traffic Warden

Imogen Edmunds

Imogen started the Company in 2004.

Imogen loves her two pet bunnies, Dyson & Mrs Truffle and spending time at the seaside.

Favourite Book:  The E Myth

Favourite TV Show: The Rookie

Favourite Dinner: Sausage, Egg and Chips.

If I wasnt working here I’d be: a Traffic Cop like Police Interceptors.

Amy Roche

Amy has worked here since June 2019 and is one of our HR Advisors. Amy works Monday and Tuesdays.

Amy brings experience in HR management and has completed her Level 5 CIPD qualification.

Favourite Book:  The Flat Share

Favourite TV Show: Prison Break & The After Life (I enjoy the professional work of Wentworth Miller)

Favourite Dinner: Pasta

If wasn’t working here I’d be: A professional travel blogger

Stewart Edmunds

Stewart has worked for Redwing in a paid capacity since April 2019. He’s been in the background since day 1.

Stewart is a Business Analyst/Infrastructure IT Engineer by trade and supports Redwing as its Finance Director. You’ll most likely speak to Stewart if you need a statement or questions about billing.

Favourite Book:  Hyperion by Dan Simmons and Legend by David Gemmell (that was one book Stewart hope you are better with maths!)

Favourite TV Show: Spaced

Favourite Dinner: Steak and Chips

If wasn’t working here I’d be: An Assassin

Julie Windass

Julie has joined us in June 2020. Julie is recently moved to Warwickshire from Cheshire and brings over 25 years experience in senior HR management. Julie is one of our HR Advisors and works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Favourite Book:

Favourite TV Show:

Favourite Dinner:

If wasn’t working here I’d be: