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HR Support when you need it

If you are keen to be supported with HR and Employment Law matters, asking a CIPD qualified HR Consultant to assist you is a great idea.

Unlike employing a full time qualified professional, they are there when you need them, and not there when you don’t.

HR Consultants support their clients throughout the employment cycle. From recruitment to exit, Redwing Solutions will be by your side, ensuring that you take the right path in what others have described as an employment law minefield.

Here’s some popular fact-sheets:

Say you needed to terminate the employment of one of your staff.

You can do this alone and risk that your actions are unlawful, or you can be supported by a qualified and experienced HR Consultant, who has handled many difficult situations involving staff dismissal over the last 25 years.

Here at Redwing Solutions we offer HR support in the following ways:

Increasingly popular this service gives our clients complete peace of mind. With the Retained HR Consultancy we are with you every step of the way and our rates are affordable too!

  • Adhoc HR Support

We believe Adhoc support is perfect for when you just need to seek advice on a specific issue, from just £50 plus VAT for a 20 minutes call. Buy Adhoc Support now.

  • Project based Adhoc HR Consultancy

When you know what you need, we can provide you with a quote to undertake the work for you. Everything is agreed up front. We don’t like nasty surprises either.

“Just wanted to give a huge shout to amazing EN member Imogen Edmunds for all her HR support over the last few weeks. As you know I have been making the move from a team of 2 to 4 which has been challenging for me. She has held my hand through the entire process and I am so thankful.”

 Laura Mudie