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The COVID -19 SSP Rebate Scheme was put in place in May 2020 to ensure that those who needed to self isolate are able to be paid SSP from day 1 of their absence (as long as they were off for 4 days) rather than only receive SSP from day 4.  The rebate scheme also meant that eligible employers were able to claim back 100% of the SSP for up to 2 weeks for each employee off due to COVID-19.

This scheme comes to an end on 30th September.  Employers have until the 31st December to claim the rebate back or lose it.

With effect from 1st October 2021 those who are required to self isolate will be paid SSP (where eligible) but the employer will not be able to claim it back.

We feel this puts employers in a worse position than before the pandemic as the 3 waiting days are scrapped for self isolation purposes.  Guidance still states that the minimum a self isolating employee can expect to receive is SSP. SSP is currently £96.35 per week.

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