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Most weeks we see potential clients who are using contracts of employment that they were given by a friend as a favour.  The employers are convinced that what they have will do the job, and don’t want to talk about the alternative.

When we talk to these employers about what they have included and not included in their contracts they are often surprised that their ‘freebie’ is now not good enough.

It’s a common problem, and one easily addressed for not as much as you might think.

If I think about my own business, I wouldn’t get a friend with the labels to ‘PAT’ test my electrical equipment instead of hiring an electrician for the job, just to save the expense. I know that ‘Murphy’s Law’ says if I did that, and fudged PAT testing, that an electrical appliance would fail, and someone, probably me, would be injured. It’s the same for contracts of employment. You may think that what you have will do the job. It might. You may never have any reason to rely on your contracts of employment. However unless they are prepared correctly, unless they are written by someone who understands your industry and understands what should be included, you are not giving yourself the best chance of those contracts being watertight. You are risking your foundations of your business.

Let’s take contracts of employment in childcare, do you have the following clauses?

  • Confidentiality
  • Third Party Pressure to Dismiss
  • Enhanced Disclosure (DBS)
  • Variation of Contract Clause
  • A Declaration?

If you’ve answered, No to any of the above and would like us to have a look at your contracts of employment, we offer a free review to see what could be improved upon, please let us know.

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