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It seems like holiday season is always upon us these days. For many early years’ settings calculating entitlement is an added pain.

When calculating holiday for anyone its very important to remember 2 important principles:

  1. Be prepared to show you workings out, as everyone thinks the employer will ‘diddle them’ out of holiday entitlement.
  2. Always round up, never round down.

Live by these principles and you won’t go far wrong.

So let’s take a calculation you may have to perform to calculate entitlement for some term time only staff.

If your setting operates 40 weeks of the year and your staff are term time only they accrue holiday over the 40 weeks they work.

When they take the holiday will be down to your own processes, and does vary between setting.

Pro rata, 40 weeks as a % of 52 weeks which would be a full year is 77%. Therefore they are entitled to 77% of the holiday entitlement of a non term time employee.

5.6 weeks is the holiday entitlement for someone working all year. 5.6 weeks x 0.77 = 4.31 weeks holiday entitlement.

Hope that helps!

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